Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP)

Guards your business from a wide range of attacks and suspicious activities – such as SQL injection, DoS and malicious backdoor applications.

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Today’s networks are under attack from an ever-expanding array of threats - viruses, malware, and other exploits. Hackers are increasingly adept at avoiding detection, and unlike with automated threats like viruses, the goal of these intrusions is often the theft of specific personal or financial information. For this reason, users need more reliable safeguards to protect private data.

Zyxel IDP service helps enterprises achieve timely security against known and zero-day attacks while fully safeguarding a network environment by providing anomaly traffic detection and prevention. It guards against evasion intrusions by blocking well-known Trojan horses and back door applications that can infiltrate your internal network.Deep packet inspection is used for intrusion detection and prevention, web application protection, and application control.


    •     Virtual patching

              •     Shields vulnerabilities before they     can be exploited and eliminates         the operational pains of                                             emergency patching, frequent                                 patch cycles, and costly system                               downtime.

    •     Cost-effective solution

            •     Provides network-wide protection     for all users configured behind     firewall with a single IPS                                             subscription.